Václav Votruba Prize 2021

Among six PhD theses this year competing for the best thesis in theoretical physics, the jury awarded Katarína Karľová by honorable mention for her thesis entitled “Rigorous analysis of magnetization processes in classical and quantum spin models“. Congratulations! http://gemma.ujf.cas.cz/~exner/di/VP2021.html

KTFA seminars LS20/21

Due COVID 19 restrictions the seminars will held on-online, please follow the link next to the speaker name. 01.04.202113:30Phase Diagram Changes in Geometrically Frustrated Generalized Planar RotatorMatúš Lach (bbb) 15.04.202113:30Light Curves Modeling of Eclipsing Binary StarsMichal Čokina (MSTeams) 14:15Skyrmion phase in frustrated Heisenberg antiferromagnetMariia Mohylna (MSTeams) 29.04.202113:30Electronic structure of layered superconducting materialsJozef Haniš (MSTeams) 14:15Stabilita dráh exoplanét v sústavách s viacerými zložkamiPavol Gajdoš (MSTeams) 13.05.202113:30Entanglement…