Department of Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics is a supervising department of the
physics study in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for students studying only
physics (single-subject study) and in master’s degree programs for students aiming
to obtain their teacher license (a two-subject study, one being physics). It provides
teaching of all basic disciplines of theoretical physics and theoretical disciplines in the
curriculum of condensed matter physics. By offering a selection of compulsory elective
and elective courses at the graduate level of study of physics it profiles graduates
with the specialization General Physics and Mathematical Physics and graduates with
the specialization Astronomy and Astrophysics. On the postgraduate level of study
the department provides education for PhD students in the postgraduate program
General Physics and Mathematical Physics. In all three levels of study of physics the
department is involved in teaching of the basic disciplines of mathematical physics and
computational physics. An integral part of the activity of members of the department is
also their prolific research and scientific activity.