Lectures & Exersises: Winter term 2023

Timetable: UFV/TKL1/99, lectures on Monday 12:00, exercises on Tuesday14:30, room: SJ0P16


  • Theoretical description of solid state structure. Electrons in periodic lattice, Bloch’s theorem, reciprocal lattice and Brillouin zone, Born-von Karmán periodic boundary conditions.
  • Velocity of Bloch states, density of states, approximation of nearly-free electrons.
  • Band structure. Tight-binding method.
  • k.p method and Wannier functions.
  • Electrons in magnetic field. Properties of materials, heat capacity and susceptibility.
  • Lattice vibrations in harmonic approximation, thermodynamics of crystal solids.
  • Quantum theory of lattice vibration in solids, phonons.
  • Optical properties of solid matter, dielectric function, optical conductivity, excitons.
  • Superconductivity, electron-phonon effective attractive interaction.
  • Cooper pairs, BCS theory. Ground and excited state of superconductor.
  • Magnetism in solid state, itinerant and localized ferromagnetism, Laudau diamagnetism.
  • Magnons and spin waves in insulators, thermodynamics of magnons. Spin dynamics.


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Homeworks & Supporting materials: check webdisk