Lectures & Exersises: Winter term 2020

Timetable: UFV/VTFTL/20, lectures + exercises, Wednesday 08:55, distant due COVID-19 (bbb link)


  • Electrons in crystal, tight-binding model
  • Physics of graphene
  • Su-Schrieffer-Heeger Model
  • Electronic properties of selected 2D materials
  • Berry Phase
  • Topological insulators
  • Weyl semimetals
  • Majorana fermions

S. M. Girvin, K. Yang, Modern Condensed Matter Physics, Cambridge University Press 2019
J. Sólyom, Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids, Volume II, Springer-Verlag 2009
E. Kaxiras, Atomic and Electronic Structure of Solids, Cambridge University Press 2003

Homeworks & Supporting materials: check webdisk