Lectures & Exersises: Winter term 2021

Timetable: UFV/VTFTL/20, lectures + exercises, Monday 12:35, room: KNKTFA, due COVID resctriction the lecture goes online.


  • Tight-binding method, tridiagonal matrices, Lanczos and renormalization method.
  • Dirac electrons in 1D, Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model.
  • Electrons in magnetic field, Peierls substitution, Hofstadter‘s butterfly.
  • Physics of graphene and Laundau levels.
  • Topological aspects of band structure of insulators.
  • Time-reversal symmetry, Kramer‘s theorem, topological and Chern insulator.
  • Classification of topological phases.
  • Berry‘s connectivity and phase, Aharonov-Bohm effect.
  • Modern theory of crystalline polarization.
  • Thouless-Kohmoto-Nightingale-den Nijs formula for Hall conductivity. Topological invariants.
  • General two and four band Hamiltonians.
  • Topological superconductors, Kitaev chain, Majorana fermions.

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Homeworks & Supporting materials: check webdisk