Effect of long-range spreading on two-species reaction-diffusion system & Optics2019 conference

Šarlota Birnšteinová
Department of Theoretical Physics and strophysics

Two-species reaction-diffusion system A+B→A and A+A→(∅,A) is studied in a presence of the long-range spreading. In contrast to the usually assumed ordinary short-range diffusion spreading of the reactants, we consider long-range hops, which cause diffusion to become anomalous. Anomalous diffusion properties are common to many natural phenomena. Here, we employ approach based on Lévy distribution to describe transport in such systems. When considering Lévy flights, critical dimension dc = σ, below which the methods using mean-field approach fail to predict large-scale behavior of the system, depends on the control parameter for the Lévy flights 0 < σ ≤ 2, and ε expansion is now performed in the form ε = σ − d. Large-scale behavior of the reaction process is studied employing field-theoretic approach. The perturbative renormalization group method is applied in order to determine the time dependence of the density of reacting particles. This work was presented at the conference OPTICS-2019 in Yerevan, Armenia. I will mention certain facts about the conference and give you a brief overview on talks from other participants, which I myself found interesting.

The event is finished.


Nov 14 2019


1:30 am


Lecture Hall SJ1S24
Jesenna 5, Košice