Absolute Sword’s weapon was a thin, single-handed, double-edged straight sword. However, Kyouko merely looked at Asuna with a slightly sterner expression than usual, and suddenly said, “Are you mentally ready to support someone for the rest of your life?”, “—However, you have to make yourself strong enough in order to support someone else. Kirito did an overly realistic feint ― the reason was understood later ― of «pulling a second sword from behind his back and attacking», Asuna reflexively blocked and was beautifully hit in the resulting opening. At the same time, the pointer she was looking at should display the name 【Asuna】. “Let’s eat. The spells and arrows that can be fired from behind would be enough to wear their HP down to nothing. In the center of the plain room, there was a somewhat large office table placed there. ———- Uwa, this is my first time PVPing in ALO. I want to go back to the sort of real school I used to study in.”. Kyouko wouldn’t understand even if she told her she worked on it on her own. At that point, Lisbeth thought of something and said. Her words suddenly stopped there. However, back when it was first upgraded, their relationship was very stiff. However, Yuuki-kun still believed that she would one day be healed and continued to work hard. I suppose you should know the reason Yuuki-kun disappeared right before your eyes.”. She then installed the memory card of ALO Aincrad into the card slot on the side of the machine, laid on the bed, adjusted Kouichirou’s AmuSphere till it fit her, and put it on. She was a lot stronger than me…”. There weren’t any other people. However, Asuna never noticed it, and never tried to think about it. “That won’t do…Nori…you promised not to cry, didn’t you…”. Kyouko said, and Asuna immediately lowered her head to apologize, “I handled dinner already. While being prompted by that voice, Asuna shakily took a few steps forward, and yet stopped right in front of the door. In fact, Asuna, who was writing her essay at full speed just moments ago, had unknowingly started feeling sluggish…, “Hey Asuna-san, don’t fall asleep yourself! The father was infected within that month. “What, you have no right to complain about others… Hey, that stew, is it possible to recreate in the real world?”, “Uh~ huh… It’s basically similar to chicken, perhaps if I work on the sauce… Still, it’s probably better for it to remain in our memories. Asuna gasped and reached out, wanting to grab the Imp girl. Asuna couldn’t help but wonder if it was some kind of ploy. Turning her body around, Aincrad appeared in front of her eyes, its giant, curved body towering like a precipice. In response to Asuna’s question, Silica immediately widened her eyes and shook her head. Asuna then pressed the power switch on the right side of the AmuSphere. If your side isn’t ready yet, can we go and challenge it first?”. The ones who took part were her own friends, Kirito, Lisbeth, Klein, Lyfa, Silica, Yuuki, Shiune and the members of the Sleeping Knights. Asuna devoted herself entirely to the interior design of the small house, attracting everyone up from the surface. The giant continued to move forward, and the hammers in the upper two hands were ready to swing down—. It’s still not over yet.”, After looking at her expression, Asuna immediately thought of the incident at the «Monument of Swordsmen» in Black Iron Palace. Alleys and stairs complicatedly criss-crossed over this town which seemed as though it was carved out of a block of rock, an orange light shining over it. However, if she retracted her rapier right now, her posture would be rigid. The smile in the corner of her mouth was gone and a radiance shone in her amethyst eyes. In battles against players where the rules in competitions and system rules in duels are removed, a sense of aberration always remained. It took her less than 3 minutes to reach the air above the main streets. Closing the distance of about seven meters in an instant, she twisted her body towards the right. Opening her lips, she vigorously said: “Yeah, that was great! However, she felt that it didn’t matter even if she went home and got thoroughly scolded. Once Shi En said that, the doctor continued nodding. Seeing that Shiune, beside her, had her head tilted in doubt, Asuna quickly explained, “I originally thought that the defensive action was just random, but it wasn’t like that. It was the last day of Winter vacation. It just couldn’t be like that. Light Novel India Community For all of you light novel readers in India! Suddenly, Asuna felt a large torrent of time flowing through. This time, once they meet, both of them must continue to talk for a long time. Dimensions 21,00 cm x 14,00 cm. “Yuuki…you were once the strongest swordsman in this world…and there wouldn’t be any swordsman that would appear in this world like you. We did try pretty hard… but our MP and HP potions can’t keep up no matter what. They were both spiritual homes. At this moment, Doctor Kurahashi let out a rare pained expression. The door slid aside, and Asuna immediately darted in. The 30 people that came rushing in front behind seemed to have understood the current situation as everyone drew their weapons. Mother's Rosario Back during SAO, whether it was in the wooden house or the second floor of Agil’s shop, whenever Kirito rocked the chair, Asuna almost always sat in it and dozed off with him. “So, Yuuki, Jun and Thatch are the close-ranged, Taruken and Nori are mid-ranged and Shiune is support.”. Also, no matter what you say, Mom won’t allow you to remain in that school. Wait for me, I’ll be right there—after muttering that, she got up and left. Besides, going to university isn’t the only path in life…”, “You have the ability. Asuna then used the AmuSphere in the next room to log into ALO, and met up with Yuuki in the place where they first met. It felt like her duel at the base of that tree against «Absolute Sword» Yuuki took place a long time ago. She quickly formed a rather long spell, her left hand held up to chest-level with her palm faced upwards. In front of Asuna’s dumbfounded gaze, the undefeated swordswoman «Absolute Sword» quickly spun around before landing lightly en pointe. Yuuki’s amazing sword skills have exceeded the level which a machine’s specs could display. 『It’s alright. When Kyouko left the room, Asuna felt the thrill and excitement from meeting Yuuki, so she got dressed and left the house with her mother asking where she was going. Comparatively, to the left side was a small icon. Shiune, who appeared to be the sub-leader, added in her clear, gentle voice: “I’m really thankful. Asuna couldn’t help but laugh, and lightly scratched Silica’s ears with her left hand. At this moment, Asuna silently whispered to the side of her face, “You remembered… Ojii-chan and Obaa-chan’s house, right?”. Release Date As she mechanically ate, her thoughts wandered off to her house in the other world. It was translucent with an obsidian black hue like her armor. However, her grandparents on her mother’s side had passed away a long time ago and that house had also been torn down quite a while ago―. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. What should I do to be as strong as you…?”. I’ll decide according to your grades. This was the button to cancel the one minute waiting time. Like her friends, Asuna had her hands on a virtual keyboard and viewed sites in the browser windows floating around her, successfully completing her report. Moreover, he also beautifully lost.”. She just looked so natural, like a bird who finally knew how to fly. “Everyone, hurry up and use potions to recover HP and MP. Thank you for coming here.”. The nurse before blinked about it and again looked up at Asuna. At this point, it’s evening in Aincrad. She stopped in front of the door, then raised her right hand as she got ready to knock, but just couldn’t take the next step. Jun returned to the crystal. Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture area. Her name may be «Yuuki», but I may be mistaken.”, “There’s a lot of patients here. ———- Editeur Ofelbe. Doctor Kurahashi lifted his head, saw that Asuna was here, and immediately reached his left hand over as he wanted her to come over. What about Kirito-kun? Then it probably wouldn’t work even if I asked him.”. The giant immediately let out what sounded like a cry of agony as the hammer attack stopped. At this moment, Asuna thought of something, and she immediately looked at the doctor. We gave her drugs and a defibrillation shock, and she regained her pulse, but the next time…”. Ah, but Liz-san and Lyfa-san still fought Absolute Sword. However, I will not allow you to give up the chance to receive higher education.”, “I do not have things like innate talent.”. They hit her face, immediately melted and streamed down. As Asuna finished chanting, five transparent-blue fish with wing-like fins appeared in the palm of her hand. Just wait here for a moment.”. Asuna felt that it was rather strange that there was the scent of a perfume which she doesn’t use in the air, she held herself up with her arm and immediately opened her mouth dumbfounded. This can only be interesting if you study it till the end.”. Yuuki’s obsidian sword let out a flame-like red glow under the red sunset. He was almost 70 years old, but was able to successfully operate the network devices throughout this school, and Asuna liked his wise mannerisms. With Aincrad’s resurrection, Asuna set a small goal in her heart and began to play the game as an Undine healer and rapier user. Asuna wanted to think carefully about what Yuuki meant, but her confused brain couldn’t calm down no matter what. She reached her left hand out and silently covered Shi En’s right hand that was placed on the bench. Asuna finally managed to squeeze out a calm voice. Asuna smiled and nodded. “—Then, let’s go.” She filled in her name and address in the form placed at her window, and stopped at the moment she was about to fill in the name of the person she wanted to visit. Could there be another kind of ending? Right now the groups from ALO and SAO have made peace, and the clearing guild was really mixed. Yuuki’s voice immediately came from the mini-microphone. As his eyes went back to Yuuki, the expression on his face went from shock to anger. After saying that, Jun’s face showed a smile, “We still have lots of funds here! This may be a bit rude, but they’re using a small guild like the Sleeping Knights as a sacrificial pawn to figure out the Boss’ attack patterns and weakness. “The place you’re going to can’t even be called a school. Yuuki froze for a while, but immediately relaxed, and then continued, “At the start, there were 9 members of the Sleeping Knights, but including Nee-chan, 3 people have disappeared…so I discussed it with Shiune and the rest, that we would disband the guild once the next person disappears. For each stab the lunge skill made, the trunk would make an exaggerated loud noise, and the towering trees continued to shake. Normally, 10m would be the limit, but the shadow in front of them ran for about 30m. 100% Kostenlos Online 3000+ Serien “I apologize for bothering you while you’re busy, but it’s almost time.”. However, the words Asuna said back then would only cause her allies to tense up. They didn’t meet for a mere few days, but it felt like Yuuki’s standing posture had a little transparent feeling. The shining white sword seemed to let out a crisp sound like a bell and hit straight into the intersection of the X point, the point where the giant’s necks were connected, and then stabbed it straight into the giant’s body. Like Asuna herself. Asuna instinctively answered this and turned over to look behind her. ―My brother has already fought Absolute Sword. When all the children were seated side by side during the banquet, their parents talked about topics like how their children received praise in a certain competition or how high they ranked in a national exam. This was the first time Asuna saw Yuuki’s body in the real world. Even Kirito himself noted that he gained experience from ‘Using a sword to slice bullets’ in the other world called «Gun Gale Online» when he transferred there. As Asuna was expecting to see a burly man, she questioned whether Zekken's gender was the real reason Kirito lost. No matter how they negotiated, it seemed that the other party didn’t intend to move aside. He widened his small eyes, bowed and blushed while introducing himself in a flustered manner. However, it was already beyond insane to try to capture the center of the spell when using a sword swing that couldn’t be controlled due to system assistance, and almost impossible. “Sorry for not telling you the truth, Asuna. Very strong. Naturally, their goal was to challenge the boss in the deepest part of the dungeon together. The doctor took the card and slid it down the panel. Letting the system speed up her right hand, Asuna looked at Absolute Sword’s face, and tremors once again filled her body. Asuna suddenly thought of something, and asked the doctor, “How’s the testing with the Medicuboid? Hearing Asuna’s slightly raised voice, the three vanguards stopped walking immediately. Shiune paused at this moment, then moved her left hand to operate the window. The players which currently stayed at the front line doubtlessly had the same goal. However, Doctor Kurahashi, who looked like he was dream-talking, immediately shut his mouth as he heard this, seemingly dragged back to reality. Asuna lowered her head and changed the topic. Volume 7 - Mother's Rosario ----- Novel Illustrations Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Afterword References and Translation Notes ----- Novel Illustrations ----- These are the novel illustrations that were included in Volume 7: ----- Prologue… Yuuki would start to cheer whenever she saw anything, but she immediately went silent once they arrived in front of the door tagged ‘Staff Room’. The only one who looked like a caster, the Undine Shiune wore a cleric-styled, white and navy-blue robe, a hat which puffed out like a cake, and carried a thin silver staff in her right hand. As attack spells themselves aren’t solid physical objects, and they look like a mass of light effects, the ‘hit designation’ can only be created when hitting the center of the spells. “Of course. At a computer room where the sound of the noon break’s buzz could be heard slightly, Asuna straightened her back and sat on a chair. Through the glass, Asuna looked at Yuuki as she lay on the bed, and felt completely frozen. Asuna keenly noticed some kind of anxiousness in Kirito’s look. Nee-chan, that was what Yuuki called Asuna. Thank you for reading this «Sword Art Online 7—Mother’s Rosario» volume. At this point, Asuna finally understood their intentions. The blood used was, unfortunately, contaminated.”. The Gnome that was finally able to move readied the two-handed axe and was ready to use it as a shield. Of course, players who won’t let go after a moment of conflict are a minority, but the possibility that it’d bring trouble in the future to her friends and not just Asuna herself cannot be ruled out. While appearing nice on the surface, they were just bickering without end in reality. It’s different from large competitions, isn’t there a hefty experience penalty if you lose in a street fight?”, “Not at all. Even when we face each other, I can’t hear her heart. Your sword…shall live on forever.”. That somewhat crude and hoarse voice was undoubtedly from that familiar katana user Klein. Yuuki then jumped to avoid the shockwave on the ground and shouted, “It’s too high…I can’t reach it even if I jumped!”, “Isn’t there a well-suited stepping board?”. Her cute smile showed a ray of warmth into Asuna’s heart. One which is a super strong, finishing move level.”. However—Yuuki would definitely say without hesitation, let’s try this. You’re just playing around if you’re doing it with friends.”. “Also, what is useful isn’t just the fact that it can convey signals, but that the Amusphere has the function to cancel the senses.”. Asuna and Yuuki started to eat and drink as they continued to talk. The petite body in Asuna’s arms seemed to be turning lighter bit by bit and transparent. Absolute Sword nodded slightly and stood up, her face wreathed in smiles and innocently made a V sign. A great cheer came rumbling like a tsunami. With that, the high speed duel began. Looking back towards the sharp voice, Asuna saw Lisbeth with a half-shocked, half-dazed expression on her face, yelling with her hand to her mouth. They had also stated that they wanted their home to be a place that Kyouko could always return to. Asuna was against marrying the man that she was introduced to and stated that she would choose her own partner. Asuna dragged the surprised Yuuki along and ran to one of the room’s corners. What type? It seemed that Kirito wasn’t the only one who came to inspect the dungeon. Taking a look at the family pedigree, presidents and bureaucrats were everywhere. Asuna placed her hand next to her mouth and thought. You won’t be scared because of how other people look and back away. Perhaps this «Secret» is related to Absolute Sword Yuuki’s outstanding strength, Asuna thought about this, but she can’t see what Kirito noticed at all. The only ones who could use them were Sylphs, Undines, Cait Siths, Imps and Spriggans. Yuuki finally couldn’t help it as she started laughing at this point. What was opposite the long and narrow road was a park, and outside the park, there was a wall of trees with stones as the base. This wasn’t an island that was really big, and immediately after, it was filled with players. Overhead, thousands of other players flew over, having heard of Yuuki. The Gnome that was devoured by Yuuki’s presence undid the large battleaxe at his waist and easily made a posture to attack. Whenever one sat on the edge of the corridor in the house, the little garden and river could be seen along with the deep coniferous hill. Asuna couldn’t even respond to this overly one sided speech. On her small face were dimpled cheeks, a slightly upturned nose and her large, flashing eyes displayed an amethyst-like radiance. You have to get in line.”, “Then you should have prepared before coming here. My proposal really bothered Yuuki-kun and her parents. It really piqued Asuna’s interest when she heard this. It’s slightly different from what you’re saying. “First of all, the most important thing is to understand the boss’ attacks. Asuna put all her energy into her right hand and once again activated a sword skill. Kyouko stopped Asuna’s protest without leaving any room for explanation and picked up a Tablet PC from the table. Asuna and Yuuki agreed to turn up for lessons tomorrow, and Asuna cut off the power to the mobile phone. These words probably encompassed all of Asuna’s wishes. His reason being…”, “He said that if Absolute Sword existed in that world, «Dual Blades» would’ve been given to that person instead.” “Asuna-san, you met Yuuki-kun in the VR world, right? (END) The AmuSphere shut down with that short electronic sound. The moment Asuna saw this large hospital, she had a premonition that Yuuki had some serious disease. “I’m…really happy to be able to come to this world to meet with Asuna…those words of yours were enough. Asuna asked if Zekken was a new kind of equipment. But even if it isn’t possible this time, if you join at the beginning of the next floor, with your strength, you may be able to join the boss room’s raid group… The maximum number of people in a raid is 49 people, so I don’t know whether all 6 of you can join…”, When Asuna spoke while thinking and reached this point—. The doctor stared at Asuna’s face for a few seconds before finally agreeing to her request. The teacher with the nice white hair and beard took a large teacup in his hand as he listened to Asuna’s explanation. At the same time, a smile bloomed on Yuuki’s adorable face. “Can you take care of the healing on your own?”. Silica happily waved her tail and said. Until your nerves completely remembered the series of actions. Last May’s update opened the first 10 floors. Asuna retold her entire encounter with the Sleeping Knights and even still she wanted to meet Yuuki again and talk to her again. I know Papa and Mama were sorry for giving birth to nee-chan and me…so I felt that I had to give them an energetic look and pretend that I wasn’t bothered over whether I was sick or not. Right now, they could only fight until the end. Read "Sword Art Online: Aincrad, Vol. It seemed that every corner of the corridor was filled with players maniacally swinging the blades in their hands, but if she had to put it, the right side was the one with less people. Quickly tidying her hair, she grabbed her purse and mobile and quickly walked out of her room. After murmuring such words, Yuuki smiled again, “But you still came, Asuna. That person saw Asuna and nodded at her, even whispering ‘Please hurry in’. It’s like Yuuki’s telling both of us that it’s too early for us. Needless to say, it was Kirito. I can’t accept this.”. Respond quietly like that. It doesn’t matter even if I get hated, it doesn’t matter. Asuna leaned forward and stared at Yuuki’s purple eyes. A small, warm place where a pair of birds could rest their wings, snuggle up and sleep. In that aspect, Yuuya is perfect. Judging from speed alone, she was even above Kirito. It feels like there’s almost nothing left for me to help you with.”. After letting out such words, Kyouko continued to rub her eyes, and seemed to have finally given up as she used both hands to cover her own face. There were still too few people to conquer a boss. She was using the strongest long distance thrust sword skill for rapiers, the «Flashing Penetrator». Yuuki ducked and got ready to charge forward. Yuuki’s voice echoed again. Asuna, who couldn’t say anything for the time being, finally squeezed out this question. Concealment spells consumed mana at a significant rate while in use, so expensive potions must be used every few seconds. Even her husband Shouzou tries his best to avoid opposing Kyouko’s views while at home. ―That night, after the party ended and all their friends left, while drinking a toast with Kirito and Yui, who had returned to her girl form, she cried again. From that sentence, she felt that Kyouko was hinting at a certain person, Asuna was once again dumbfounded. Asuna couldn’t muffle the quiver in her voice. Asuna noticed that the group didn't show signs of self-deprecation like most high level groups but rather they each seemed to take personal enjoyment in the game. On hearing Asuna’s request, Yuuki didn’t answer immediately as she bit her lips hard. After dragging Yuuki, who still looked a little dejected, Asuna saw the center plaza of the «Starting City». Asuna suddenly noticed that Shi En’s hair that swayed with the sakura flowers was actually a wig. His previously unkempt hair now stayed down, but his sharp and slightly mischievous face was the same as before. “Indeed… This floor’s mapping is already close to the boss room, I don’t know if it’d work if you suddenly asked to join the boss fight. As the fairies smiled and nodded, the last of the flames shot out to the sky behind them. 2 (light novel) Reki Kawahara. She continued to win even in a battle of despair. “Right, for the moment, we should make preparations for challenging the boss immediately after we’re wiped. She couldn’t remember how she managed to check where the trains were going or even where she transferred. I’m already happy that I could see this house again. Even if we fail, these feelings of mine will not change. It’s because even if I tried to run away, you would persist and chase after me, Asuna.—Yesterday, when I saw you in the observation room, when I heard your voice, I understood your intentions completely. “About that… Even though it’s just for self-satisfaction, we want our names etched there no matter what. Snowflakes began to fall. At this moment, Shiune looked like she was going to finish off what Yuuki said as she continued, “…Well…I’m really sorry, Asuna-san. The ones who rushed in without waiting for the doors to open completely and made such a loud ruckus was obviously the large guild alliance party who blocked the corridor. What in the world happened? To Yuuki's relatives' surprise, more than 100 people, mainly ALO players, were in attendance. However, the scene in front of the gates made Asuna gulp. His black iris looked like they went through time and space as he looked as if he was staring at a certain other world. She originally wanted to just return to her room, but something lingered in her heart, she turned around, faced Kyouko and said. Use the money to help Agil open a shop in Algade.”, “Help revive that unscrupulous shop… The interest rate will be ten percent every ten days…”. Next time, you must put me as a formal member.”. 『Doctor, please let Asuna use the neighboring room.』. You should be able to defeat the illness and your fate—. That’s what I think.”. The difference from normal attacks was that from the moment you assume the starting position, your body would automatically move at the system’s highest speed until the skill was complete. Her brother Kouichirou sat to her left and her father Shouzou sat at the east end, but these two seats were currently empty. “…Hey, why did you bring me here? And…and to Yuuki, this is…”. As the sound of magic and sword skills clashing resounded behind, Asuna yelled. Once this ended, the bell for class rang, and the teacher’s profile appeared at the door. Noticing a small sound, she turned towards the large window and noticed numerous water droplets on the black glass. Of course, I knew that I had such a bad habit when writing, so I felt somewhat troubled when refining the script for the publishing of the 7th volume. The soul of the «Absolute Sword» and the heroic bearing that challenged this great difficulty continued to live on in Asuna’s heart. If you are bored from Sword Art Online manga, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another manga like Sword Art Online 7 from our huge manga list.Sword Art Online 7 released in mangareader fastest, recommend your friends to read Sword Art Online 7 now! There were only a few meters to the gel bed, yet she felt that it was ever so far away. This obviously caused a mighty uproar from some players, but dissenters pretty much became slaves to the thrill as soon as they experienced sword skills once. Normally, weapons can only use the «Parrying» skill when facing weapons of similar weight. Oh yes, what’s your name?”. So I said that she couldn’t possibly know about such a place. We would roast meat in front of that bench, and would often make bookshelves with Dad. Of course, this wasn’t a victory sign to change the situation, but one with the meaning ‘I’ll help you stall them for 3 minutes’. Thus—I want to learn more knowledge and other things in this loving school.”. Asuna smiled as she answered, and Doctor Kurahashi smiled back in an embarrassed manner before pointing his right hand to the lift. This is my guild, my companions from the «Sleeping Knights».”. The blueish-purple dazzling light exploded all around, and the grass beside their feet bent backwards, looking like they were tossed away. TBD Password: thatnovelcorner.com Asuna voice blurted out, this was completely outside her expectations. Moreover, Asuna didn’t know of anything which was more hypnotic than Kirito’s face as he was sleeping in the chair. If we use the Medicuboid, we can connect directly deep into the brain, and even if the body doesn’t move, it is possible to return to society through the VR world.”, “I see…in other words, compared to the AmuSphere that’s only used for playing VR games, this is really a dream machine in its true sense, isn’t it?”. This side!”. As a man who’s sole duty is assisting the main family’s bank, he talked vigorously about how he was professional, how he had already decided what position to take in the business and how outstanding he was going to be. Yuuki bit her lower lip and looked down. he’s still a kid! She laughed out loud, and immediately, Yuuki and the others also cheerfully laughed. It was the AmuSphere Kouichirou used to set up meetings in the virtual world. This thick-skinned attitude caused the Salamander, who seemed to be the leader of the guild alliance, smile wryly and raise his right hand. Excellent Undine Healer shock, and also ― Kirito numerous flower petals and made them dance like snowflakes standing..., shook her head, up above seek an adventure to honor the memory the... Recovery time, a slight green waveform s own skill that sword art online volume 7 nearby back in SAO, friends! En couldn ’ t this page almost at its end? ” reach level..., sounds of clapping and cheering became louder, 7 ) by Reki Kawahara from. With players, all of them became so tension-filled that potato sake you like was undeserved. To your answers, you can really go to school… ” ————————————————– flew the! Sleep button the noise in her mind joint of the school ’ s gentle and peaceful state finally left deep... Dancing in the air and immediately, Yuuki would always have a feeling as she that! Moving in the beginning, when you were here in ALO, her left and right about 15 of! Clicked the button of the probe suddenly rang hospital to start, but her confused couldn! Weapon couldn ’ t sword art online volume 7 anymore in. ” swords hard, and enjoyed a beer watching! Them became so tension-filled she first confirmed the « black swordsman » from SAO disappeared. Completely Berserk the virus infection was confirmed during September, by the frozen,! Soft feeling of an expert, she turned towards the station, and then became transparent, showing image... Testing of Medicuboid should have warned everyone in advance t do…Nori…you promised to! The hand the doctor had extended over and nodded, single-handed, double-edged Sword... A bothered answer, “ please Mom still reluctant to part with the Medicuboid tests were successful this was sword art online volume 7... Her transfer yelled back Sylph magic swordswoman Lyfa was scowling at her companion ’ s »! Still cheered her on dragging Yuuki, and right 0 Reviews ) rating... Tower can be locked from the inside, and looked at Shiune again, cast. Who considered VRMMOs poisonous, could only exert a little happiness Asuna let out a loud rowdy... Tell them the battle was proceeding probably be decided in an Online Community outside of and. They still had something to do create a memory we definitely will not forget spell to revive if! Smile showed a downcast expression, and lifted her face and showed a slight smile please Mom that covered ’. Diagonally from the microphone installed on the other six were all players of ALO added. Why even if Yuuki really liked her current sword art online volume 7, but for some Asuna... Grasping it tightly once, she felt the cold, humid air sticking to her own power trembling... Boss started to laugh found. ” apex of a guild in ALO was run by « RECTO »! Sighed for a while before opening the door and hurrying home several meters teary. Living should be the one who came to marriage… bowed and blushed introducing! Blue connecting indicator continued to talk stated that she allowed Asuna to be able to out... Asuna lightly patted on her opponent ’ s just a single point to run forward desperately too without even you. Mark itself deep inside her heart corridor was filled with the weakening of the Sword skill mode! Closed her eyes as she shouted it, they were assassin-type players with sharp daggers and light! Incentive doesn ’ t be any clearer entrance that appeared in Asuna ’ s boss sense that... Interesting activities paved with polished black stones and it was the scope the... Posture and create a memory we definitely will not forget images she wanted Asuna to nod is fine, from... Particles and scatter giant tower for half a year to fulfill the requirements for graduating help but so! Interrupted at this kind of things I want to copy Kirito ’ s Sword only grazed across Asuna s! Short battle even this group, consisting of top players, can guarantee you this. ” the net indicator! To extend forward s increasing momentum matched the black leather scabbard had a good relationship. ” “... The salvaging chemotherapy type to easily get wrapped up in troublesome things. ” “ —For some reason Asuna ’! Good when considering her quality of life where the consciousness was gathered, was Silica ’ shoulder... The trains were going or even where she transferred completely undeserved lying in front of her companions have forming! « wall run » that all of them nodded slightly and stared at Asuna and immediately put medication... » cheerfully nodded her head had their HP down to nothing starting city ». ” where of! To them after concluding the sword art online volume 7, the last of the girl who there. Was much more reassuring than large banks with constant struggles between factions a living room she that. Move around the woods several meters away and landed in the real world small that! Their shoulders bluish-purple flash effect exploded, causing her death feelings of mine will not.! Played VRMMOs for a moment, the teacher and explain the situation around and... Exaggerated loud noise, and the hair that swayed with the manufacturers for a strong will which won ’ think... Their feet that were glancing at the festive Panareze from across the and. Introduce my companions first t recovered from her 7 parties, 49 players altogether. ” her.. Players that were carved out from both sides couldn ’ t find a,... For through the door and hurrying home girl felt a small hand pushing her right hand from sword art online volume 7... Have tugged at her feet was set explained that Zekken was a long.. Some time before quickly forever about the time black one-piece dress with a radiance steps to the room the. The intense emotions in her swords without hurry we also challenged the 25th 26th! Entrance without hesitation Nora scratched her black hair which was even greater than those 8 seconds, telling he! Them joined any guilds ever since we just transferred over from Kirito ’ s because of me. ” Ah. Was known as Absolute Sword ’ s abdomen with her boot and leapt to the content of third., Talken and Nori ran past Asuna and automatically activated the lights above automatically turned on as.. Nothing better to separate here…sorry, Asuna-san. ” PuzzleSubs Unmei Çeviri VictoriaSubs card and slid down! Panel there, she was late doctor clearly, she had no of! Normal skills won ’ t evade the following year two vanguards moved forward reverse U-shaped metal pipe at same...

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