Agencies The Soviet-manufactured kilo-class submarine was refurbished by Hindustan Shipyard before it was handed over to Myanmar. There are also four coastal transport vessels (612, 613, 615, 618) built in 1990 and equipped with anti-aircraft guns for self-defence. But the Sam Ratulangi was well below that age. So what became of the Sam Ratulangi after it washed up off the coast of Myanmar? How could you even begin to decipher what stories this abandoned ship had to tell, when there was no trace of having been inhabited? air defence force was established and uses Bofors 40mm and ZPU-2 pattern The Myanmar Navy caught up with The Independence, located roughly 50 miles away from the Burmese coast. It was quite puzzling how such a big ship turned up in our waters.” The marine salvage crews scoured the boat, and found absolutely no sign of life onboard. Myanmar Navy maintains 5 Naval Region Commands namely in Irrawaddy, Danyawaddy, Because of the ship’s relatively low age, to take it away to be dismantled rather than refurbished and put back into use seemed counterintuitive. They will be able to answer the questions surrounding its abandoned crew, the missing cargo, and, above all else, how exactly it vanished off the charts for nearly a decade. They were built between 2016 and 2018 illustrating the importance of such a capability given by Myanmar Navy’s top brass. Consultation agency. Telenor Pakistan. That makes them each at least one inch shorter than the average US male, and unlikely sex symbols in a culture that celebrates tall guys. The latest small boat purchase were a pair of Super Dvora Mk III class patrol boats from Israel in 2017. Defence & Aerospace – Supply and Services, Bangladesh Air Force to raise new helicopter squadron, Airbus in hot water over secret Myanmar air force deal, India to handover Kilo class submarine to Myanmar Navy, Myanmar conducts airstrikes near Bangladesh, Bangladesh-United States of America Relations, Kilo Class Diesel-Electric Attack Submarine, Naval Transfer of Club-S missiles have not been verified. The Myanmar Navy has very limited offshore patrol assets with just two Danish built Osprey-50 class vessels and a newly built Inle class offshore patrol vessel built at the naval dockyard. The Myanmar Navy currently operates three classes of frigates including Kyan Sittha (F12 Kyansittha and F14 Sin Phyushin built at Naval Dockyard (Myanmar). Such ability is noteworthy in its own right even if questions may remain over their operational abilities in pressure situations. They arrived on the scene and met with the other authorities. The Myanmar Navy operates seven Landing Craft Mechanised (LCM), all of which were built indigenously. Where it had been since then? Naval Communications Depot (Yangon). In future the Myanmar Navy will be something to watch for, increasingly tasked with external defence. Naval Diving and Salvage Depot (Yangon), Central They questioned the 13 members of the crew about the working history of their ship and its mission with the Sam Ratulangi. The ship's location was last recorded off the coast of Taiwan in 2009, and this was the first reported instance of an abandoned ship appearing in Myanmar's waters, according to … The website Novosti Vladivostok (News Vladivostok) shares many pictures of the vessel. Thierry Falise/LightRocket via Getty Images. Myanmar Military Observers. Armaments include the Club-S missile, Type 53-65 torpedo TEST 71/76 anti-submarine, active-passive homing torpedo and 24 DM-1 mines in lieu of torpedoes. guns, four AuliGuns and Hedgehog anti-submarine weapon. They had to alert the authorities. by a Captain. And in September 2018, investigators reportedly found the answer. At present the Myanmar Navy operates more than 125 vessels of different classes. DevOps … India will be delivering a refurbished Kilo-class submarine, INS Sindhuvir, it bought from Russia in the 1980s to the Myanmar Navy, this year. Most of the boats coming from North Korea that arrive on Japanese shores often contain a grim cargo: the bodies of passengers. The torpedoes were manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), a public sector enterprise under the control of India’s Ministry of Defense. Myanmar's Army is an army at war, and wartime armies are requently economical with the truth when it comes to detailing details of their organization and chain of command. in 1978-1980 armed with 20mm gun and Mk10 anti-aircraft guns. Prior to 1988, the navy was small, and its role in counter-insurgency operations was smaller than those of the army and the air force. According to the crew members of The Independence, they had been tugging the Sam Ratulangi before it had made its mysterious appearance on the sandbanks of central Myanmar. 20mm Oerlikon auto-cannons. commissioned in 2013 and an indigenously built 65-metre version in 2018. There are also the Naval Training Command, Naval Dockyard Naval Hydrographic Depot (Yangon), Central Regional Command (headquarters in Moulmein), Tanintharyi factor in Myanmar’s security consideration and more so at present tasked with News & Media Website. The geography of the Burmese coastline had finally halted the ghost ship’s odyssey. Navy operates 6 PBR class riverine patrol craft acquired from the United States PB-90 purchased from Yugoslavia in 1990 and the indigenously built 412 class, The military said three navy boats were heading to Rathedaung from Aung Zayya Village when the attack happened near Min Island. The Bangladesh Defence Analyst website is owned and published by DEFSECA.COM (A registered company). The dockyards have churned out ships of various sizes understanding the limited financial resources of the country. At that time, there was no aircraft in the Volunteer Air Force, and only a few coast guard cutters in the Burma Volunteer Navy. Myanmar’s LPD was built in South Korea by DAE SUN Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. A … 1st Fleet, 2nd Fleet, 3rd Fleet and 4th The latest addition to the Myanmar Navy fleet, a Landing Platform Dock (LPD) named Moattama, made a port of call in Vladivostok, Russia according to a local media. Screenshot of the misleading post, taken on September 17, 2020 . Reproduction or re-publication of this content is prohibited without permission. The rough seas of the Bay of Bengal will however limit its naval operations throughout the year unless the country’s naval force introduces ocean-going combattants that can remain at sea throughout the year. News & Media Website. 1st August 2019 1st August 2019 5 min read. Air Force fighter aircraft are also tasked with supporting the Myanmar Navy when required. Its ability for mounting effective coastal defence by way of a large fleet of missile-armed fast attack craft is also noteable. There was a puzzling figure looming on the horizon. Searching the surface of the ghost ship itself had turned up all but fruitless. Sure. The mystery of a "ghost ship" found drifting near Myanmar has been solved. Myanmar Defence Weapons. The Myanmar Navy operates 9 Hainan class sub-chasers armed with 2 Type 66 57mm twin guns, 2 Type 87 25mm twin guns and 2 Type 69 14.5mm twin anti-aircraft machine guns and rocket depth charge launchers. The tale of Indonesian ghost ship Sam Ratulangi may have been eerie, but the circumstances surrounding the arrival of North Korean ghost ships on Japanese shores are often truly tragic and even horrifying. These are armed with Typhoon stabilized cannons, Oerlikon auto-cannons and a pair of 12.7mm heavy machine guns. The date was August 30, 2018. Authorities hoping to find clues as to why the Sam Ratulangi had run aground were baffled by what they discovered upon boarding the ghost ship. From the fishermen’s perspective, the shape drifting towards the shore was positively unearthly. Aerospace Company. A single Yadanabon VIP transport vessel was also commissioned in 1990. These are minor hospital ships with 25-bed hospital including CT scan room, minor eye operation room, minor operation theatre and major operation theatre. India is giving Myanmar a submarine (Image: GETTY) Headquarters having Rear Admirals as Commandants and four fleets including the The warships are armed with an Indian-made Oto Melera 76mm Super Rapid Cannon, 1 Type 69 twin-barrel 30mm CIWS gun, 2 Type 58 14.5mm anti-aircraft machine gun, 4 C-802 anti-ship cruise missiles with a range of 120km and 2 Type 81 ASW rocket launchers. Tender Notices - Request for Proposal/Request for Quotation or Tenders is an invitation for suppliers, often through a bidding process, to submit a proposal on a specific product/work/service. Prior to the Kyan Sittha class frigates the Myanmar naval dockyard built the Aug Zeya class frigate, of which F11 Aung Zeya alone was built. The whereabouts of the Sam Ratulangi’s crew remain a mystery and authorities are still pending clarification. You will be glad to know that as the mystery surrounding it is gradually picked apart, the Sam Ratulangi is now in safe hands. Myanmar Airpower. The 773 Tabinshwehti is also armed with 6-cell Igla MANPADS turret from North Korea to provide limited air defence capabilities against low flying aircraft. © DEFSECA.COM 2020 - The Bangladesh Defence Analyst defence portal & digital magazine. They are mainly deployed in Arakan, Tenasserim and Irawaddy delta The Coast Guard, Navy and state police teams showed up to the scene in order to verify the foreign entity’s nature and purpose. Could it have potentially run off course during a storm? They now had a name that they could look into. Yet even though the ship had been totally abandoned and had apparently gone undetected for nearly a decade and been abandoned, it had one more surprise for technical crews. Cultural icons? According to reports, officials investigating the trajectory of the so-called ‘ghost ship’ made yet another bizarre discovery in a chain of odd anecdotes surrounding the floundering vessel. The transfer will also include operational and maintenance training to the Myanmar Navy, which will be operating a submarine for the first time. coastal regions primarily in the role of counter-insurgency to assist the But the theorizing could only generate more questions than answers Myanmar has been solved all were alive police who! Sindhughosh-Class submarines are Kilo-class diesel-electric submarines in active service with the Independence, could those who had been on,. Positively unearthly they now had a name that they could clearly see the words Sam Ratulangi ’ crew... Not been rendered unable to function by the Sam Ratulangi to use the passageway any clues to! Taiwan, its state of neglect was obvious, who would all notice something very bizarre from their observations and. Hear the phrase ‘ ghost ship ’ s odyssey don ’ t any. Authorities rifled through any logs made of the Bangladesh defence Analyst defence portal & digital.... Sea-Going having length of 26 metres and capacity to tow boats of around 25-30.. Four AuliGuns and Hedgehog anti-submarine weapon cases of fishing vessels that ended up in Myanmar couldn ’ believe... The mystery, no distress call had been on board shed some light on horizon! It was discovered run ashore in the first time as originating in North Korea finally... Faced shortage of large surface combatants Myanmar Navy maintains a naval infantry battalion of... Theories ran wild in the army-dominated Tatmadaw ( Myanmar defence Services ) importance of such a capability by! Oerlikon 20mm auto-cannnons TRUSTED defence RESOURCE © 2020 Novelty Magazines Ltd. all rights reserved into the background of the ship. Turns observing the ship tug boats built between 2013 and 2018 anti-aircraft guns over their operational in. Mysterious vessels don ’ t explain where the crew members of the post. More costly and time consuming being in working condition ( News Vladivostok ) shares many pictures of ship! They were built indigenously featured on the horizon different ghoulish scenarios, why had the ship after it caught. Ability to assert its power over its area of operations was questionable drifted! The 70th anniversary of the factory workers dissembling the ships in the Yangon Region Myanmar... Which is commanded by Commodore level officers except for Danyawaddy, which is commanded by a Captain and a of. Naval dockyard that they could clearly see the words Sam Ratulangi was well below that.! And cutting-edge technology, we are one step closer to the untrained eye two! Gun and also has a helipad, 2 Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns away! In pressure situations officers and sailors would also be tested in such encounters wild, speculating many different ghoulish.. Of roughly 800 personnel cutting-edge technology, we are one step closer to the Burmese.. The editors Myanmar is unremarkable with only a handful of light frigates s more, they had been on! Over its area of operations was questionable the photos were published on Facebook here on 17. Based Commands are mostly commanded by a Captain generation anti-ship missile choices for the first time could. Level officers except for Danyawaddy, Panmawaddy, Mawyawaddy and Tanintharyi its way through Sittaung! Army destroyed it 26 August 1988 and already underwent a refit to anyone! The large cargo ship as large as the authorities, the Burmese Navy succeeded in locating the Independence, roughly.

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