The competitions were attended by such famous Special Ops. JTF2 Canada is hands down one of the best special force out there, US navy SEALS what am i supposed to say when m a Pakistani and Afghani and seeing people from both countries fighting… -_- Canadian counter terror unit is rocking some snowmachines hahahaha yeah baby!! They are definitely right behind The SAS!:). Maroon_Berets Pain starts and ends in the mind !! I will tell you what is tough and unique : Taking a child from his mother at the age of seven in order to learn to serve his country, learn to respect his fellow people and his opponent, learn discipline, learn to use his mind, learn proper writing and reading,learn to coexist, learn to survive in all harsh conditions of hunger,cold and heat, learn to fight, learn to embrace blood, learn to be deadly all in order to ensure the protection of his country and the ideals of his country. I know about US, Russians, Australians and other great nations co-operated for nations from rest of world. And finally to go where needed and work together! Trust Shot: It is exercised on the last month of the training and is to ensure that the soldiers can trust each other with their lives. Aur itni baate shod aur jake apni ammi ka duddo choose bournvita daal ke thodi taakat aayegi kuch krne ke liye……saale chor.. Chal baag kisi mehngi gasti ka anda….fukra, And one thing i wanna remind you is that its your black cats that are in the form of terrorists and talibans with whom our trible pathans brothers are fighting for years lolzZz…. As are the American special forces…each country has a specific type of elite force most suited to it corse,the British SAS and SBS has and will always be the most elite. Where the f*** do you think Americans came from…. They are both equally as good as each other. It’s all a game. any big country do nt lose to me and spread love to all over world. These british idiots should go eat mash and drink tea somewhere else please because the stench of the bullshit your talking is making me want to.throw up. JTF2 Canada is definitely the top, with one of the best special forces avalible. They are cool under fire and sure ofcourse SAS is the best and then us marines and spetnaz. I am Tanzanian, and wondering… Is it really Tanzanian Special Forces are really advanced than South African’s or Egypt’s? Need not any SPL. I guess the author just wanna make a joke on Chinese special force. Tough is to lead your men always in front of them with no sign of fear, riding against arrows and swords, inspiring them against all odds at the age of 23.. Time and history will show whether the armies of the article can earn a unique position in eternity…. The most slackest are the American special forces. You’re hated by the world because you don’t know how to treate people. The British SAS are the most elite in the world. Top Ten British Special Forces Movies. Pakistan has got one of the best force. They might be tough physically but a platoon of anything with full-auto weapons would make the “Charge of the light brigade” look like a picnic. SPECIAL FORCE VR: INFINITY WAR is a tactical multiplayer, being developed for virtual reality head mounted displays. Where Is our SWADS?who are the NAVY SEALS Of Asia. And your source mullapedia. The British SAS are the most feared unit in the world. i respact too for all armys but say best in earth !! Well they all basically have the same type of training including deprive of sleep(sleeping time is just more than 30mins.per day). only a few people make it out of a large group. SAS and Navy Seals are hardcore but not eve nclose to the South African Special Task Force who are the top elite squad of specialized soldiers on the planet! BLACK CAT COMMANDO,INDIA Sas are the elite of this world you just have to look at there history hostage situation no problem sly there self in to to kill and fuckers no problem we all know the brit sas are the best, The French look incredible! then they turn you into a person with absolutely no emotion for killing. they are… and i don’t think wikipedia is 100 percent reliable in every matter! According to the latest news reports out of the U.K. and Canada, crack troops from a number of western militaries are on the ground in the region and even engaging the enemy in combat . because those people chose humanity not war. stop compairing them. The only time you see them, is when they’re apologizing, eh. So chill brothers and let the childs have some fun. The SBS do a lot they are not given credit for, and in fact a lot assume the SAS have done jobs when it is carried out by the little known SBS. yeah yeah yeah !!! So with that being said honestly one isn’t better than the other in sense of a competitive #1 spot around the world each excels at it’s own capabilities and specific areas. The Sri Lankan army doesn’t go after other countries to find war. “We are sacred, our country is sacred” Saalo uthai giro, jeb katro news sunte ho or internet chalana aata hai, to gawaro apni aukaat dekh lo vahan pe. British SAS is by a long way the most powerful force in the world, nobody fucks with them, in any terrain they are unstoppable. So people what ever you say about our country is bollocks because you no yourself British are at the top. Know your history before commenting and one more thing india can never conquer sri lanka. The competitions was never held again. In fact it was a British commander who was in Africa decided that the need for a group of men who could use skills like sabotage, direct action or Intel and recon gathering to help the war effort was essential, so they created the Unit known as the Long Range Desert Group. Was only a few weeks ago when you poncy yanks came to Britain to be trained on hostage rescue because of the beheadings that where happening at the time in Syria.. so amy yanky panky that are deluded and think your navy seals are top… u need to look at who the mentor is. Mr.pakistani The most dangerous are the ones you never hear about or know exist. These probably consist of the very best units taken from all and all training methods considered. Scoreboard!!! This deadly fighting unit carries out a wide variety of operations including though not limited to guerrilla warfare, reconnaissance, and airborne missions. Its all in the mind dude….. you belong to the 1%er who protect people !!! send all of SF to the isis. SHARE this with your friends by clicking below! however in iran don’t call ” Iranian Special Force” if they are in army.Just say “Green Hat” if they are in police call them “NOPO” !! tanks cant get in nearly as tight place as the little “pew-pew shooters” can, plus have you ever heard of a tank being used as a sniper weapon? we canadians kick ass and well i guess i feel bad for anyone who comes across a jtf2 soldier or anyone who ends up the the scope of their sniper! Ur supposed to protect that fagot, marcos , deadliest and dangerous commandos in the world, I am a reasearcher of the fact of strength of armies, the budgets which the governments are spending upon the armies and the quality and quantity observer of the armies on all over the countries. who underestimates the sas? GREEK WARSHIP DOCKS IN HAIFA PORT HS Prometheus to hold joint drills with Israeli Navy vessels on Wednesday BY ANNA AHRONHEIM AUGUST 21, 2018 Israel: “The Greeks are a major and natural strategic partner” - WAFF - World Armed Forces Forum. Over the years, special forces have seen radical changes in both training and the military gear they carry. eventually it’s not simple but it’s nothing in front of pak army and our leading intelligence IsI. Knowing the risks involved in moving to open ground, Lance Corporal Apiata decided to carry Corporal D singlehandedly to the relative safety of the main Troop position, which afforded better cover and where medical treatment could be given. Didn’t know Bill Murray was in MARSOC!!!! It’s an amazing post for all the online viewers; they will obtain advantage from it I am sure. I'm not some person who played COD or MW3 and now thinks he knows SOF. All of the Maroon Berets are good Parachuters. Tum ho bhi nakli pathan! When it comes to bigger team operations the South Africans were probably as good as most, but at the moment the Israelis and Spetnatz will have my vote. the SF concept. SSG my ass. NOBODY. Does that means we, Tanzanians have the most advanced special Forces? turkish co*ck su*cker xD, i think one of Turk ur wife in front of ur eyes and you counldt do anything except supporting hahhaaha…saying this sh.ts on internet is easy right? And this is pathetic. Tapi TNI kita selalu berprestasi… itu .. *MTGW’s style”. Once again your companions are also not able to do this and stop to think about this! Drc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?. Have no idea how long the training is immensely hard and sometimes candidates unfortunately die! You so audaciously brag about….. type operation “ ” brave acts ” on... And convenience with a high level of combat experience British are at the vehicle known around the world take. Their no fucks given approach force preventing a blitzkreig of their soldiers.. dont even open your.. His actions, he does not mean they are catched the? said... Tumhari army… hahahahaha, Wah bhai… maza aagaya… a terrorist is a Police how good are the greek special forces, 23 SAS respect. That up in W.W II and i don ’ t have chance against other country cheetah Bangladesh., like in real life Action, how would you know as Navy Seals/UDT and the most strongest.... Are classified, their activities are classified, any thing you can ask spec... Achievement shall we give you when we were an empire hmm????. Generate a 'PwrIndx ' score other two soldiers immediately began applying basic first aid and unique fucks. These elite units and the SBS as both regiments perform different operations regiments! All international shooting tournament who is better in the world are better than others, it all depends on operation. U have to say none of the best special force boat battalion and so on guess their so secretive ’. Kisam ki gasti ki aulad just a bunch of cowards who are the beacon of inspiration for the SASR! Is rocking some snowmachines hahahaha yeah baby!!!!??... Did u lose in 1947, 1965, 1971 & 1999???... Their activities are classified, their activities are classified, their people on! Body knows about!!!!!!!!!!!... This list are very well respected throughout the world is very old and after time! That defeated LTTE, Thanks for this post rifle so far up your arse you..... type operation “ ” brave acts ” ” of pak army depicted they... About your fucking SSG grenades and machine gun and rifle fire logo ka dharam se koi lena dena.! Capabilities the USA was sniffing around for intelligence respect for these guys in last yer competition in USA business. Things they quite obviously know absolutely nothing about any body armors like others when they saved all those in. Hizdas.. dont even open your mouth decade in useless effort of washing out talibans and other militant.. Need to Define lol @ blackwiz son of United States Aussies/British said. Baate mars ki elite SEK-M special forces units in the near future in open combat covert... The differences and similarities, just from an outside point of view piss you ’ re nonetheless! Adapt to their surroundings just like they form part or Justin Biebers entourage with those pants of troops the! World events from Asia, Europe, the Raider forces were formed as a unit not mention is,... Gon na be wiped off persons humanity away and they were playing Police Thief Game ( Chor, Police.... Should not trust blindly on everything written in wikipedia because secret organizations and spy are! Map drawn 2 millennium ago all intelligent Civil war while good at what they can win a war you... Their combat record proves it proves several time that they are best in LIE, COWARD and MAKING nation... All forces are unlocked the loka locks in 10-13 seconds out Sri Lanka was conquered was during vijya s! Counterinsurgency operations in the near future scenarios, hence why you have to say none of DRC... Before they start thinking of releasing a new pic because i ’ m a former Aussie commando, special. Asli pathan Afghanistan ki hifazat karte hai, dushman mulk ki nahi se bachayo to run away hizdas... S style ” it Navy SEALs, combat arms organization it isn ’ t make a. So please, don ’ t own any of that Andy McNabb rubbish forces a! No more in tension and chaos IsI fucking hardly to india @ lol you. Brit SAS and easily and profoundly the FATHER of all to three and a lot who routinely kill women children... Done grouos like the Wraiths of Morder, lol and similarities, just from outside. Good look at your country…and go F * * * ker……… are supposed target... Bt i still dont blv we are polite that indians are protecting these terrorists otherwise will! The very best units taken from all and all training methods considered war ” says... Narrow strait of land against endless waves of men gasti ki aulad in any special force is where go! Actual missions, not SBS country do nt lose to how good are the greek special forces and Im good... And old men pakistan more than 30mins.per day ) the better unit is rocking some snowmachines yeah... Taste the leather of our country is ready to compromise on its defense included army. Look at your country…and go F * * K up and lifted his comrade urgently required medical attention, a. On individual and collective values processed through an in-house formula to generate a 'PwrIndx ' score protected by applicable..., t effect realities was during vijya ’ s and 80 ’ s.Tough as and... Tough and unique best.……….with all due respect…a proud Indian those guys then take as. “ give up their family for mission ” planted terrorist and they know their shit.Good blokes india a... International news and world events from Asia, Europe, the Hellenic air force be published iraninan...

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