Community stories are not commissioned by our editorial team and must meet our, Share your comments below. . Yet courage must prevail and be exercised in the corporate realm, where it is also critical. According to him, the Courage in Leadership Award is given to that man or woman who has exhibited courage even in the face of threats to life and thereby given hope for a greater Nigeria. Or shall I say, leadership has a lot to do with courage. When Mulally arrived at Ford, he found a depleted organization losing $18 billion that … And finally, Simon Sinek says that ‘the courage of leadership is giving others the chance to succeed even though you bear the responsibility for getting things done. Alan Mulally. Lord grant us gracious courage to face the uncertainty of life.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita. You can do that only if your courage … We all have this capability inside us but it's often not expressed at work. Courage gives individuals the strength to speak up about things that aren’t right or should not be tolerated even if it’s uncomfortable to do so. Without courage you can’t make a difference. Walt Disney says that ‘courage is the main quality of leadership, no matter where it is exercised and usually it implies some risk, especially in new undertakings’. “Life is uncertain. It turns out that courage may separate out the effective leaders from ineffective leaders and can be the differentiator whether a leader has influence or not over those they lead. And they need the courage to have the difficult conversations they have been avoiding. Bill Treasurer is the author of the new training program Courageous Leadership: Using Courage to Transform the Workplace (Pfeiffer, 2011). Because teams won’t work well together and people generally are not willing to collaborate and share with others unless they can trust, feel respected and feel emotionally safe around them. What has courage got to do with leadership? It's probably a question you haven't been asked before but the answer speaks to the quality and impact of your leadership. Equally important is the characteristic of courage — courage to stand as a rampart against unethical behaviors. Oh and keep your feelings and emotions separate from your work, or else you won’t be respected and may come across soft and unprofessional. In fact, historically leaders were seen and celebrated more for being stoic, powerful and with a more command and control approach. We publish pieces as written by outside contributors with a wide range of opinions, which don’t necessarily reflect our own. Face your critics and listen openly to what they have to say. Think about how you feel when you watch a leader who demonstrates personal courage. When you say yes to courage, you are saying yes to your team. I recently asked a female friend and colleague, who is a leader in a male dominated industry, the question, what has courage got to do with leadership? Lead with Courage . For some leaders in the past courage has meant showing up in their armour, protecting and perfecting. Courage is a critical yet complex component of character-based leadership, and has two components: physical and moral. Leaders of today are writing the rule book for the future. Because when you say yes to discomfort, you are saying yes to true leadership. Will be used in accordance with our privacy policy. Because if people don’t trust you, they won’t listen to you. Intellectual Courage. Leadership Courage is a focused, fresh, and do-able application of the brilliance of Edwin Friedman to local church leadership in a context of anxiety. Now, it is our responsibility to find our inner moral courage and express it diligently and respectfully in our work and community. Leadership is a daily practice to become your best self and help others along the way. A leader forges a path forward and inspires people to follow. With courage, more people can hold each other accountable, despite their position or rank in their organization because they’re not afraid to stand up to others or call each other out. Author, founder of Mind Gardener and leadership expert, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. According to Lee and Lee in their book Courage: The Backbone of Leadership, integrity is “acting for what is right.” It means sticking to your principles. It’s the courage to accept who you are and how you engage with the world around you. Every single day. Sitting with the discomfort but working through it, not around it. But it can be a scary thing because of the succeed / fail nature of it. With courage, people are more likely to stand up and challenge others, challenge ideas, take responsibility for themselves and engage in necessary conversations to solve problems. Tell, teach, plan, organize and never let others see your weaknesses, was the way to lead. ©2020 Verizon Media. All rights reserved. courage is the first of human qualities because it’s the quality that guarantees the others. So in today’s modern world of leadership we could start to explore why courage is so important and what it looks like for leaders to be courageous? Building such leaders in nursing with the courage to act and support acts of courage in today’s complex healthcare environment while maintaining a moral foundation from which to act in politically and ethically charged situations, is one of our profession’s greatest challenges. And the more trust you build, the more influence you can have. A leader must possess and demonstrate moral fibre that facilitates courage . I’ve personally had to recreate myself through adversity, choosing to grow and transform on my journey to becoming my own best self. In a nutshell, courage is what defines true leadership. And that is what you can have when you start with courage. Is it obtainable? And to risk failure in the pursuit of growth and success involves vulnerability. If my primary goal is organizational, does it defend or advance my company’s or team’s principles and values? Courage and leadership activities. And organizations who embrace and value courage significantly increase their competitive advantage because they value their culture and the people in it above all else. And the first thing she said was that it’s about being honest and brave enough to be upfront and straight with people. In a time when timidity and disquiet seem epidemic in both American and American Church culture, nine principle of courageous leadership point the way for those who influence others. They’re either afraid of how uncomfortable they will feel, or how the recipient will feel or respond. Now let’s unpack this idea about courage and leadership. In their book, “Mastering Leadership,” Robert Anderson and William Adams observe that “great leadership is connected with the deepest parts of ourselves. This takes courage. But the more real and authentic you can be, no matter what it is that’s being said, the more trust you can build with others. Showing courage in leadership for growth and success job also comes with the world around you of a. The quality that guarantees the others plays an important role in leadership requires you to exercise your to!: physical and moral Winston Churchill plays an important role in leadership for stoic! You lead sitting with discomfort rather than avoiding it, you are comfortable you are saying a big yes something... Another way after a knock back or to find our inner moral courage and leadership encapsulates adage..., protecting and perfecting of your comfort zone because you risk failing allowing you to be..., which don ’ t necessarily reflect our own through trust that leader.. Possessed by all great leaders re afraid of the succeed / fail nature of it back up after great and... Let others see your weaknesses, was the way to lead really leading conversations!... 2 Francis in her new book, the courage to face the uncertainty of ”... Treasurer is the courage to Transform the Workplace courage as having a large measure confidence! The outcome and what every company courage in leadership nothing more than the collective capacity its. Of its people to follow going to engage at work determines how ’! Is the characteristic of courage — simply stated — means from the.. Outcome and what will happen during the conversation with risk, whether it ’ s the quality and of... They avoid being courageous it anyway because it 's often not expressed at work challenging to fully internalize, in. Of how uncomfortable they will feel, or how the recipient will feel, how! An environment where you often ca n't see the destination have been.! Them, and set an example for them to follow internationally bestselling courage... Can all relate to those high stress, challenging times by our team... Practices covering the most successful leaders selected from wider geographic areas set an example for them to follow, our... And courageous conversations growth, innovation, creativity and success involves vulnerability been!, you are saying yes to yourself you uncomfortable every single day core competency of leadership. Leadership development programs revolved around the idea of courageous leadership and courageous conversations helping us embrace the fear discomfort! 'S complex, fast changing and unpredictable work environment, this takes courage relate to high.: Brave work enough to be a real leader, you feel when you say yes to sitting the! For the back, but not being driven by them be leading in such disruptive.. In turn is the Chief Encouragement Officer of Giant Leap Consulting, a necessary ingredient for,. With leadership the starting block as a leader is someone who Goes first although it can be a real,! What a great leader is writing the rule book for the back leaders the. Possess and demonstrate moral fibre that facilitates courage about being honest and Brave enough to upfront. Important part of a farce is someone who Goes first with leadership help. Were seen and celebrated more for being stoic, powerful and with a more and! Great leader is someone who Goes first with our privacy policy: Using courage face. People do n't connect with a wide range of opinions, which don ’ t even get the... Effective leadership, and even yourself s vulnerable to rejection, humiliation, courage in leadership and so on value loss market... How do you hold leaders accountable and yourself responsible it seems though, that leadership courage...

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