Series result: India led the 4-match series 2-1 : Match number: TEST No. #AUSvIND MASSIVE DAY! 2 or fewer wickets lost on the first day of an MCG Test:1970-71 (when only one wicket was lost)1952-531924-251903-04#mozzplay. The end of a fantastic hand from the man on debut, India denied a perfect session by two balls. 48th over: India 109-1 (Agarwal 64, Pujara 31) Whoa, forget about what I said about Agarwal chilling out in defence since drinks, he’s launching at Lyon’s first ball here and popping him into the crowd at midwicket! Strong jaw, confident hairline, square shouldered. [22] From 2018 it was played at SuperSport Park, Centurion. The confidence of Agarwal is best shown in the way he's hit against the spin when facing Nathan Lyon. Geoff, Adam and I will be back to steer you through day two, right here on the OBO. 58th over: India 132-2 (Pujara 38, Kohli 4) Hazlewood overpitches, Pujara presents the full face of his well-pressed willow, the Kookaburra scuttles away for four effortless runs in the vicinity of the sightscreen. 59th over: India 132-2 (Pujara 38, Kohli 4) Cummins’s ability to get the ball to jag in off the seam is causing India problems. 74th over: India 181-2 (Pujara 56, Kohli 33) India don’t allow Lyon to back up his previous good over with more positive footwork denying the bowler any opportunity to find a groove. India advanced from 57-1 to 123-2 along the way; Pujara solid, Agarwal assertive. The adrenaline rush almost undoes him a ball later though, getting a lot of bat on a delivery under his left armpit that flies away towards square leg. 45th over: India 100-1 (Agarwal 55, Pujara 31) Marsh is into the attack and again sections of the MCG decide to boo him. The marvel of Cummins is that he adapts to whatever conditions are thrown at him. Lyon thinks he may have Kohli LBW. He keeps the strike with a single down the ground from the final ball. "Brad Haddin joined us to discuss Australia's approach in the field #AUSvIND Anything other than putting all their bodyweight and then some through their front shin in 30 degree heat with a ball behaving like a shuttlecock on a pitch as responsive as a door-stopped Tony Abbott. Tough chance; it died on the keeper, but it probably should have been taken. Say no more. [2][3], Instead of a Test match a One Day International was held on 26 December 1989 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground between Australia and Sri Lanka. 2018 is almost over, but the cricket action is just getting started. “Nothing for our bowlers. : 2337: Hours of play (local time) 10:30 start, Lunch 12.30-13.10, Tea 15.10-15.30, Close 17.30 Australia won by 30 runs in front of a crowd of 45,012. I think the tourists might benefit from Ricky Ponting giving them a pulling lesson after the close of play. The ball struck Kohli miles outside off stump. Boxing Day 2018: The Boxing Day Test match is a game of cricket played at Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Australia every year between December 26 and 30. Can Australia get the big breakthrough? #AUDvIND. Just 2% of the deliveries he's bowled have swung significantly away from the right-hander - without that movement, he's less of a threat. He heaves his right shoulder with great force in the direction of Virat Kohli on six occasions this over and from the fourth almost commits regicide with King Kohli bottom-edging a smidgen away from his leg stump. I should add a correction. The line is straighter to Pujara and the outcome is a stroke more defensive than Julian Casablancas responding to criticism his band were just a poor man’s Velvet Underground. Vihari c Finch b Cummins 8, India 40-1, Cameron Bancroft opens up on ball tampering scandal, to the manner born’, at least in Shakespeare, Australia really need to make this count. #AUSvIND. For the longest time when a player took him on at the start of a spell – as Agarwal did here – the spinner went into his spell. Because there were six Tests in the 1974–75 Ashes series, in order to fit them all in to the overall schedule, the Third Test at Melbourne was scheduled to start on Boxing Day. Not out onfield... 71st over: India 174-2 (Pujara 50, Kohli 32) 50-up for Pujara, a run that also completes the 50 partnership. He’s blamed Warner and claimed he didn’t know right from wrong. “India in the ascendancy, what rubbish,” emails Amod Paranjape. The series is evenly poised with India and Australia level at 1-1. Hazlewood has been consistent today, but has struggled to get the ball moving. Whatever the logic, Lyon continues but his 21st over is as wicketless and generally unthreatening as his previous 20. Pujara was the highest run-scorer in the series with 521 runs but the Indian Test specialist didn’t look at his best in Adelaide Test where he managed to score … Why are they so badly misjudging so many short balls? 72nd over: India 174-2 (Pujara 50, Kohli 32) Lyon finally starts to chip away at India in his best over of this spell. 43rd over: India 91-1 (Agarwal 53, Pujara 24) Pujara plays with such poise, turning Starc for two then standing up to smack him through cover for three more. Your support powers our independent journalism, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Careering towards the new ball late in the day. Bumrah was in imperious form in the Boxing Day Test in 2018 as he picked up 9 wickets, including a 6-wicket haul, to lead India to a famous win. 89th over: India 215-2 (Pujara 68, Kohli 47) Not a show-stopping Starc over this time but it is the over that stops the show. “As suggested I’m dropping a line from inside the ground,” emails Shane Puxley “What an absolute delight this Agarwal innings is proving to be. I suppose you would call that natural variation? 85th over: India 205-2 (Pujara 62, Kohli 47) Starc continues where he left off, chucking largely dross at India with the occasional jaffa thrown in. Australia now have the small matter of a flat pitch, an old ball, and Kohli and Pujara to contend with. 69th over: India 168-2 (Pujara 46, Kohli 30) Nice over from Mitch Marsh, hitting a good length on a fourth stump line to Kohli. India wins Boxing Day Test with early Australian wickets on day five, live blog. Kohli then clips another two for good measure to advance the score beyond 150. 44rd over: India 99-1 (Agarwal 54, Pujara 31) Pujara is ON. On telly Glenn McGrath revisits Justin Langer’s soundbite where he talked of allowing Pat Cummins to marry one of his daughters. On the stroke of tea - how often do we see it? He's gone even further out today, his average striking point now 2.25m away from his stumps. Get latest News Information, Articles on Boxing Day Test 2018 Updated on March 25, 2020 09:42 with exclusive Pictures, photos & videos on Boxing Day Test 2018 at - Page 3 The extra pace is enough to find Pujara’s inside edge after the left-armer cramped him up – no easy achievement. That paved the way for Che Pujara and Virat Kohli to lay the foundations for a big first-innings total against a lacklustre Australian attack. India have been part of the Boxing Day Test eight times - in 1985, 1991, 1999, 2003, 2007, 2011, 2014, and 2018. All the Boxing Day Tests that India have lost came in big margins but in 2018, the tables were turned and Virat Kohli's boys dominated the home team … Blimey, Tim Paine is up to the stumps by the end of the set. The Boxing Day Test match is a cricket Test match held in Melbourne, Victoria, … 70th over: India 172-2 (Pujara 49, Kohli 31) Lyon continues but this is not the GOAT’s preferred pasture. It’s enough to make you reach for the sandpaper... Well, here's a thing. Dec 25th, 2018. 81st over: India 197-2 (Pujara 61, Kohli 44) The new ball is not taken straight away. Ian Forth is back to return us to the day’s most pressing concern, The Strokes. “Again, another batsman’s paradise!” emails Dennis Elliott. Paceman Jasprit Bumrah took six Australian wickets to put India on track for a series-sealing victory in the 2018 … However, one might be tempted to say that Australia will have the mental edge, after having defeated India by a wide margin at Perth. #AUSvIND. Back then I was running a bookshop in Canberra and she was one of those regular customers who become a friend and make the long hours and indifferent pay of bookselling worthwhile. Dec 25th, 2018. Geoff Lemon, Wed 26 Dec 2018 07.23 GMT Pujara getting a cricket ball shaped lump in his back is the highlight of a hardworking Cummins maiden. I hope someone asks about this in the press conference later. The outcome, as you might expect, is a line outside off stump, tempting the batsman to chase a wide one. With so little pace in the pitch, Kohli's advancing. Give the Boxing Day test match to Sydney and the Big Bash to Melbourne.”. Agarwal is happy in defence for the time being, again able to keep the strike with one from the final ball. A Jaffa.”. Pujara again just accepting some pain to his forearm (he has a guard on, but still) from a routine short ball that in another era would have been punished well forward of square leg.

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