Mgr. Lukáš Mižišin


Address: Park Angelinum 9, 04001 Košice
Phone: +421 55 234 2230

Academic titles and degrees:

  • 2009- Bc.
  • 2011 – Mgr.

Professional career:

  • 2006-2011: study of physics at Faculty of Science of Pavol Jozef Šafárik University (UPJS) in Košice
  • 2011-now: PhD. study at Faculty of Science UPJS in study programme General physics and mathematical physics, supervisor: doc. RNDr. Michal Hnatič, DrSc, topic: Quantum field theory methods in stochastic dynamics
  • Studies abroad:
    • 01/2012-03/2012: Scientific stay at Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russian Federation


  • study irrevesible processes with changing the number of particles

Selected publications:

  1. M. Žukovič, L. Mižišin and A. Bobák, Low-temperature metastable states in a stacked triangular Ising antiferomagne, Phys. Lett. A 376 (2012) 1731-1735.


  • Rector award for excellent study results, 2011

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